Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer NTCD40


Using Tescom’s proprietary technologies, we present a hair dryer that will give you chic, soft and glossy tresses, while adding moisture and balance at the same time. The Beauty Collagen hair dryer is a revolutionary product that is taking the world by storm. Delivering an ultra-high-quality of hair styling products that are super-effective while being kind to the hair.

・Power: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
・PW con: 1350W(220V)-1600W(240V)
・Air Flow: 1.4m3/min (at 240V)
・Color: Gold
・Dimension: H282xW282xD95mm(with concentrator attached)
・Weight: 680g(with concentrator attached)
・Attachment: Concentrator
・Main Switch: 3-2-1-OFF

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